Over the years, Spirited Dinners® have become a Thursday night tradition at Tales of the Cocktail®. On Thursday July 21st, restaurants located throughout the city will welcome cocktail lovers to enjoy one-of-a-kind dinner pairings of cocktails and cuisine. Each restaurant will combine the talents of at least one of the world’s best mixologists with some of the city’s most renowned chefs to create imaginative and innovative culinary pairings.

Reservations for Spirited Dinners® must be made directly through the restaurant.

When cocktails are your passion, tending bar hardly feels like work. That’s why a handful of the world’s most renowned bartenders will be picking up extra shifts at bars around New Orleans during Tales of the Cocktail 2016. But they won’t be going it alone. Local bartenders will be joining them behind the stick to form dynamic bartending teams. Stop by for a drink to see these teams work their delicious magic as you drink in a bit of the local flavor.

Dynamic Duos are open to the public with cocktails available for purchase.

In addition to all the seminars, tastings and special events, an important part Tales of the Cocktail is experiencing the world famous cocktails and cuisine of New Orleans. It’s the best way to get a taste for the food and drinks that have made New Orleans a culinary destination.

Reservations for Special Events must be made directly through the restaurant.