Voting Procedures

Upon receiving all of the nominees and information for each category, each judge will vote online using a ranking system of up to top 5 choices in each category. Judges are required to rank 5, otherwise, judges will choose to 'opt-out'.

For each category, judges will be asked to make 5 weighted choices.

  • Choice 1 will be weighted with 5 points
  • Choice 2 will be weighted with 4 points
  • Choice 3 will be weighted with 3 points
  • Choice 4 will be weighted with 2 points
  • Choice 5 will be weighted with 1 point

Judges' votes will not be accepted unless all 5 choices were chosen.
Judges are instructed to only vote for those bars, people, products that they have visited, met or tasted.
Judges will have the option to check “not qualified to vote” in each category.

Judges will have 7 days to review candidates and submit their votes.

The winner will be the nominee in each category with the highest number of points. If there is a difference of five points or fewer between candidates in any category, there will be a re-vote among only those candidates.

The Top 10 Nominees from each category will be posted at in alphabetical order on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. The top 4 Finalists in each category will be announced via Google Hangout and then later posted on the on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. The top 4 Finalist will be invited to attend the 10th Annual Spirited Awards® Ceremony on Saturday, July 23, 2016 in New Orleans.