Industry Vets Share Their First Drink in New Orleans

Frozen Irish coffee at Erin Rose
The frozen Irish coffee, as captured here by Square Mile Coffee Roasters cofounder Anette Moldvaer, is a must-drink for bartenders in New Orleans. Photo via @Nettlecatx

When you land in New Orleans for a full week of tastings, seminars, and general booze-fueled revelry, how do you choose the inaugural drink? Some head straight for the cult-beloved frozen coffees at the Erin Rose, some pay homage to the Ramos gin fizz masters at the Roosevelt, others might make their way to the over-the-top tiki concoctions at Latitude 29. We scoped out Instagram to see which cocktails our Tales guests made a beeline for once they landed in NOLA. (PS: Share your first Tales drink with us by posting it to Instagram and tagging Tales!)

Ramos at the Roosevelt

You can’t argue with a classic. And few people know how to pay proper respect to the timeless Ramos like the bartenders at the Roosevelt. This slow-motion video captures the essence of that time-honored ritual.

Absinthe Suiessesse at Kingfish

Drinks writer Virginia Miller kicks it old-school (and keeps it cool) with a frozen Absinthe Suiessesse at the classic Kingfish.

Frozen Irish coffee at Erin Rose

At this point, the Erin Rose is basically unofficial mission control and meeting point for bartenders descending upon Tales, and their famous frozen Irish coffees are a must-drink. Plus, Anette Moldvaer — cofounder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters — gives it the thumbs-up.

Navy Grog at Latitude 29

First stop. We couldn't wait. #NuiNui #NavyGrog #totc2016

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Jeff Beachbum Berry’s beloved tiki outpost has no shortage of delicious, stunning and over-the-top drinks. (See also: this magical punchbowl.) The Navy Grog, complete with that iconic ice cone, is absolutely one you should try.

Sazerac at the Roosevelt’s Sazerac Bar

What can we say? It's the official state cocktail of Louisiana for a reason.

Moscow Mules at the Carousel Bar

You can’t come to Tales without taking a spin around the Carousel Bar. And this week, the Carousel Bar has a full menu featuring variations on this year’s official Tales cocktail, the Moscow Mule.

Campari at the Chart Room

A little Campari soda to start the afternoon off, Nola, TOTC 2016

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Just a stone’s throw from the Monteleone, you’ll find dive bar paradise at the Chart Room. A glass of Campari is just the ticket to enjoy the calm before the drinking storm.

Old Cuban at Loa

Classic, cooling and filled with rum: the perfect way to kick off the week, especially when posted up at LOA.

Frozen French 75 at Superior Seafood

What could New Orleans possibly love more than a cocktail? A frozen cocktail. And a flight of three — a mojito, a mimosa and a classic French 75 — is an ideal way to gear up for the week.

Pimm’s Cup at Napoleon House

Cocktail consultant Derek Brown (of Drink Company) makes a solid choice with this one: the classic Pimm’s Cup served at Napoleon House, one of the most tried-and-true methods for staying cool in NOLA.

Daiquiris at Cafe Henri

Where does the team behind Green River drink when in NOLA? First things first: it’s daiquiri time.

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