Celebrate Halloween With These Boo-zy Spirits

Halloween's fun as a kid, but it might be even more fun to celebrate as an adult. Sure, trick-or-treating's out of the question, but a later curfew and the ability to travel outside of your neighborhood unlocks up a whole new realm of Halloween festivities.

Of course, we can't forget the most important part of adult Halloween: the boo-ze. From costume parties at a friend's house to barhopping to scary movie marathons, spirits (in more ways than one) are a quintessential part of grownup Halloween festivities. Even cocktail bars join in on the fun, filling their menus with bone-chillingly delicious creations to help you celebrate the best holiday of the year. We've rounded up the creepiest of these concoctions from around the country, so if you want to have a frighteningly fun night, be sure and check these places out:

Atlanta, Colletta

"Uncle Fester"

Austin, Prohibition Creamery


Boston, (Less Than Greater Than)

"Blood on the Water"

Chicago, Broken Shaker

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Los Angeles, Good Housekeeping

Las Vegas, Mandarin Bar

New York City, GLORIA

"Camp Crystal Lake"

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Seattle, Outlier

"The Georgie"

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