Another Round for Charity

At a bar in Louisiana, good times can lead to a financial bonanza for good causes.
Paul Landry, GM of Charity Case.
Paul Landry, GM of Charity Case.

It's not often that ringing up a hefty bar tab can help you do good for your community. Typically, the exact opposite is true.

But a new bar in Lafayette, Louisiana is looking to change that. Inspired by a Houston bar with a similar theme, Charity Case, the brainchild of Brandon Landry, takes a portion of its profits each month and donates it to a local charity, making it more than just a local watering hole.

Customers at Charity Case are given a chance to vote for one of two worthy charities every month. The voting rules are simple: each drink purchased is another chance you have to vote for the organization you believe in most.

Charity Case makes cocktails for a cause.

Heather Broussard, a representative of Maddie's Footprints, an organization that helps families after the loss of an infant, praised the idea. Maddie's is one of the month's featured charities. Information about each organization can be found at the voting box at the bar, which not only helps the chances of winning, but gets the word out about the various causes.

The percentage the bar donates can vary depending on the profit the bar made that month, general manager Paul Landry says, but typically around five percent of the monthly take makes it back to the organization.

While the idea is certainly enticing enough and plenty of reason to warrant a visit, Charity Case has traditional bar fare to offer, too. A staff of seasoned, friendly bartenders keep the drinks flowing smoothly and the menu is innovative enough to compete in the craft cocktail scene. Unique simple syrups and liqueurs are made in-house, and the bar also hosts an impressive selection of beer for a small-town market.

On weekends, lively renditions of your favorite songs are performed by a rotating cast of piano players. Charity Case is one of the few piano bars in town, which helps to further establish it as a change of pace. The bar held its grand opening in early August and enjoyed largely positive early reviews from both patrons and the charities who signed up to be featured.

What all this means is, when it's time to decide on another drink at Charity Case, the answer should be clear: Go for it. After all, ordering just one more can actually do some good.

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