5 New Bars to Visit this Fall

From New England nautical themes to an homage to Chicago architecture, here's five just-opened bars you won't want to miss.

With new bars opening almost every week, it can be tempting to try and visit them all. After all, a new bar means meeting new faces, seeing new places, and — most importantly — tasting the drinks on a new cocktail menu. However, it’s close to impossible (not to mention expensive) to pay a visit to every single just-opened venue, and filtering out your top choices can be tough. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to go through that selection process for you: here’s a roundup of new bars from around the country that you absolutely can’t pass up.

Mood Ring

Mood Ring NYC

Located in Bushwick, this bar combines the unlikely pairing of cocktails and astrology to create an entirely unique drinking experience. “Mood Ring is a cocktail bar that takes inspiration from Hong Kong cinema, namely the romantic and sultry film In the Mood for Love,” say founders Vanessa Li and Bowen Goh. “Our cocktail menu plays with the idea of different moods, personalities, and characteristics. We feature a monthly rotating special based on the current astrological sign, as well as highlighting unique spirits and ingredients that are based on each sign's popular traits.”

Prairie School

Jim Meehan's Prairie School pays homage to famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Jim Meehan's Prairie School pays homage to famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Co-founded by Jim Meehan, the man behind the award-winning PDT (Please Don’t Tell), this Chicago venue pays tribute to the life and artistic philosophy of the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright (even the name itself is a direct reference to Wright’s signature architectural style). Combining elements of Midwestern hospitality and Japanese aesthetics, the Prairie School features a rotating menu of 12 house cocktails and a snack menu designed by Michelin-starred chef Jared Wentworth.


LBM Cleveland

Is there a better combination than alcohol and Vikings? Cleveland’s LBM doesn’t think so. Newly opened just last weekend, LBM was created from a partnership between some of Cleveland’s best chefs and bartenders: “We knew we wanted to start a casual cocktail-focused bar so that we are approachable enough for Cleveland to really start getting into this scene. The Viking theme for the bar came up from a mix of our love of their stories and lore, but also from how it portrays us: loud, exciting, a little rough around the edges, and a good f*cking time.”

The Lost Lady

The Lost Lady bar is a love letter to New England's nautical history. The Lost Lady bar is a love letter to New England's nautical history.

Owners Robert Ceraso and Jason Mendenhall have made a name for themselves in New York’s cocktail scene for promoting unpretentious cocktail bars, and The Lost Lady definitely carries on that tradition. With a theme centered around the nautical legends of New England, shuffleboard, and a cocktail menu where everything costs $12 or less, the Lost Lady is a bar you won’t want to miss.


While it hasn’t opened yet, this is definitely a place to keep an eye on. Owned by Russell Davis, one of the featured mixologists in Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, this Austin venue aims to incorporate cognitive psychology to enhance the drinking experience of its patrons. This includes the use of lighting designed by a Cirque de Soleil director and music that can sync to the BPM of guest’s hearts; however, the bar recognizes the low-tech side of academic culture as well, with chalkboard walls and scholarly banners hanging from the ceiling. According to their press release, “Consumers will be encouraged to take part in nightly orations, transforming the scene from a classy and memorable party bar into a familiar community gathering space.” Stay tuned for Academia’s grand opening later this fall.

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