Bring On the Wine Candy and the Canned Martinis: It's Our 10 Drinks of the Week

Red, white and blue cocktail
The Arranged Marriage, a dreamy new gin cocktail from the Broken Shaker Miami's brand-new menu.

Perhaps it's the heat of the summer beginning to take hold, but this week, we have ice on the brain: Negronis in the form of ice spheres, cold-brew coffee frozen into ice for a rum drink, and beautifully indigo-hued ice in a stunningly colorful serve. Along with, of course, canned Manhattans (er, Can-Hattans), wine candy and awe-inspiring feats of flame. Read on to soak up the inspiration:

1. Our Kind of Fireworks Show

Who needs Roman candles or M-80s when you have tiki drinks being lit aflame? Justin Wojslaw, bartender at Seattle’s The Diller Room, puts on the kind of fireworks show we like to see.

2. Yes, We Can

The good news: not only do these exist, but they’re also graced with clever names (sorry, we can’t resist a pun like “Mar-Tinny”). The not-as-good news: you might have to hop on a plane to Australia to get your hands on them. By the looks of it, a trip to Continental Deli might just make that trek worth it.

3. Negronis Make the World Go 'Round

We know, we know: Negroni Week has come and gone. But a Negroni ice ball seems like the kind of thing everyone we know could get behind year-round.

4. Tiki Goes Green

If you’re as smitten on emerald-hued matcha cocktails as we are, watch this space: we’ll be publishing a guide to using the powdered green tea next week. In the meantime, fix yourself one of these fabulous-looking concoctions from Arsenic Lace — it pairs matcha with rum, pineapple, coconut, orgeat and cacao. And antioxidants, of course.

5. ...and Ice Goes Blue

Lo and behold, the magical flower extract that lends an all-natural blue hue (and changes the color of your drink) isn’t just for cocktails — here, consulting service Glassrox uses it to make blue ice, too. We knew we loved blue drinks, but these sapphire rocks take it to the next level.

6. Frozen Flower Power

Ice never ceases to surprise us with its versatility: beyond simply chilling your beverage, it can add so much to the presentation of a cocktail. How stunning are these frozen floral spheres from Fort Lauderdale’s Apothecary 330?

7. Wine for the Sweet Tooth

From the winemakers who brought us canned wine (and a stridently anti-snob, “pinkies down” approach) now comes sparkling wine candy, created as a collaboration with Portland-based Quin Candy. Time to upgrade that stash of Werther's at your desk.

8. Mojito in a Spoon

You know how bartenders love to hate making mojitos? We imagine this version, presented in spherical form by the grace of molecular mixology at Providence LA, is a touch more labor-intensive and time-consuming than muddling some mint in a glass.

9. A New Kind of Iced Coffee

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The Black Hole Sun cocktail... I wanted an ice coffee today with a little punch so I came up with this... Matchstick Diamante Lot 2 cold brew coffee, concentrated, then frozen into a sphere... paired with Havana Club Anéjo Blanco, Licor 43, Liquore Strega, The Bitter Truth Golden Falernum and finished with Dr. Adam Elmegirab's Boker's Bitters... an afternoon drink to sit with on a beautiful, sunny afternoon🌞... #yegcocktails #craftcocktails #yeg #BlackHoleSun #cocktail #Soundgarden #coffee #coldbrew #icesphere #ice #HavanaClubca #licor43 #strega @thebittertruthcompany #falernum #matchstickyvr @doctor__adams #bokersbitters #imbibe #imbibegram #drinks #instadrinks #instagood #barlife #drinkup #intoxicologist

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Last week, we were wondering if anything could possibly go better with cold-brew coffee than good orgeat. This week, user Darcy Scott presented a worthy adversary: cold-brew (in the form of an ice sphere) with aged Havana Club rum, Licor 43 and Strega.

10. Red, Egg White and Blue

Beloved Miami cocktail oasis The Broken Shaker finally joined Instagram, and unsurprisingly, they wasted no time in posting a stunning drink. This swirled concoction of butterfly pea flower-infused gin, Dolin, marigold rosebud tea, hibiscus, lemon and egg white, named the Arranged Marriage, hearkens back to eating Rocket Pops by the pool on hot summer days.

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