Feast Your Eyes Upon the World's Largest Daiquiri

A massive daiquiri on a table.
When the team behind Cleveland's Porco Lounge found themselves in need of a challenge, they turned to the World Record Academy. And on November 11, 2016, they defeated a 2012 record to create the biggest daiquiri the world has ever seen. Photos and video courtesy of Porco Lounge.

When it comes to classic cocktails, there’s not much ground still waiting to be broken. Classics made with alternative spirits? It’s been done. Classics with uniquely artisanal, housemade ingredients? We’ve seen lots of that too. Pre-Prohibition cocktails modernized with molecular “mixology”? Old hat.

But if there was a feat waiting to be championed, Porco Lounge in Cleveland was determined to take the helm. And on November 11, 2016, the good people of Porco banded together and built the largest daiquiri the world has ever seen.

Weighing in at a whopping 95 gallons, the monstrous daiquiri was a sight to behold. And though they now hold the title for the World’s Largest Daiquiri, they weren’t the first to conceive of the idea. In 2012 the team behind El Floridita in Havana crafted a 72 gallon daiquiri — and Porco Lounge accepted this record as a challenge.

A group of people holding daiquiris in front of a 95 gallon daiquiri. Creating the world's largest daiquiri called for a strong strategy and even more effective teamwork.

“The idea actually came from two of our principal bartenders, Dan Watson and Jordan Anderson,” says Porco owner Stefan Was. “They were chatting on their day off one Sunday about world records and decided to look up if there were any that were cocktail related. They found the existing record for World's Largest Daiquiri set by the Floridita, Havana in 2012 easily achievable.”

The discovery of the existing daiquiri record led the team to consider how they’d make a bigger edition. Quickly, they formulated a plan.

“The hardest parts were securing a vessel, as well as calculating the batches so the product was consistent and honorable to the classic Daiquiri,” Was says. “We used a 100 gallon food grade barrel which was decorated by Dan's wife Susie to resemble classic giant tiki mug. With all the parts in place, we just waited for the day to come.”

When their big moment arrived, the daiquiri took a total of 38 minutes to prep and assemble, which is quite speedy considering the drink’s substantial volume. Was attributes this relative speed to the four Vitamix XL machines that the company loaned them as a promotion. Similarly, they had Appleton Estate Rum as a sponsor and the Cleveland Fabulous Food Show as a partnering venue.

“Also, this would have been impossible to complete without the ever talented staff of Porco working in perfect concert. They are the quintessential definition of ‘team’ when duty calls, and it's an absolute honor and privilege to see them work,” he says.

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