The Perfect Brandy-Sipping Fall Playlist

Hand holding a snifter of brandy
Copper & Kings knows almost as much about music as they do about brandy. So, we asked them to school us on both with a brandy-sipping soundtrack for fall.

We would bet that the folks behind Copper & Kings know just as much about music as they do about brandy. After all, at their Louisville, Kentucky-based distillery, the two go hand-in-hand: the distillers harness the power of sound in their aging process, using the pulsation of music piped in through five subwoofers to gently circulate the contents of the barrels.

Black and white photo of brandy barrelsAt the Copper & Kings distillery, sound plays an integral role in the maturation process.

The method, called “sonic aging,” is a way to allow more of the distillate inside the barrel to actually come into contact with the barrel itself. Allow Joe to explain: “The alcohol molecule, being less dense than a water molecule, starts to move and collide with other alcohol molecules inside the barrels, which eventually collide with the barrel wall, which starts to create a “distillate wave” inside the barrel, resulting in increased frequency of contact over time of the distillate with barrel walls and, in our opinion, enhances maturation.” Or, in a slightly more simplified take from Joe, “happy brandy makes for happy drinking.”

Pouring brandy into sniftersThe music played in the distillery varies from day to day, from seasonal selections to music from Copper & Kings' newly launched markets.

High-tech aging methods aside, the crew at Copper & Kings also just seems to really nerd out on music. Most of the team members are musicians (aside from owner Joe, who cites “the iPod/Spotify” as his instrument of choice). Distiller Alan Bishop went so far as to anoint all three of Copper & Kings’ stills after women featured on Bob Dylan’s 1976 studio album, “Desire” — Isis, Magdalena and Sara. Even the distillery’s own cocktail creations are named after songs, and their bar signage consists of screen printed vinyl records. No doubt, this team knows their music.

Man laying on a barrel in a distilleryA member of the distillery team takes the bass for a test ride atop a barrel.

Knowing that music plays an integral role in the making of brandy, we figured there’d be no one better than Copper & Kings to help us identify the best music for actually drinking said brandy. So, we asked the distilling team to craft a playlist tailor-made for sipping a fine brandy on an autumn afternoon—campfire optional, flannel required.

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