Our 8 Drinks of the Week (Yes, There's A Pokemon Cocktail)

Coffee cocktail garnished with pokemon card
This coffee-infused bourbon cocktail is tempting whether you're catching Pokemon or not. Photo via @RoamingDrinkers.

Internet, you did not let us down this week. From a crystal-clear Ramos gin fizz to a cocktail that gives a shout-out to a certain ubiquitous “gotta catch ‘em all” game, we spotted a bevy of playful and creative cocktails circulating on the web this week. Read on for a sampling of them:

1. Where there's smoke, there's...

Empire Spirits Project, a New York-based experimental distillery, has set out to redefine gin — and their applewood-smoked juniper spirit has us intrigued. The brand’s other offerings include Noho, a gin infused with saffron, cardamom and orange; and American Beauty, a gin with rose, ginger and cinnamon.

2. A Ramos, clearly

Singapore’s Gibson Bar shows off their chops in a clarified Ramos gin fizz, made all the more impressive by that crystal-clear foam.

3. Succumbing to the Pokemon craze

We know, we know. But no matter what your feelings are toward the app that’s currently sweeping the globe, we can probably all agree on coffee-infused bourbon, dry vermouth, lemon, and egg white, as served at London’s The Botanist at Sloane Square. That delicately stenciled charcoal pokeball is just, well, the proverbial cherry on top.

4. Special goods from Don Ciccio

Washington, D.C.-based Don Ciccio e Figli knows their stuff: the family has been making amaro since Don Ciccio himself made his own on the Amalfi Coast in the 19th century. Now, they’re bringing a taste of the goods in tow to Tales: Vecchia Passione, a blend of all of their amari and aperitivo. Get a sip in New Orleans before it’s made available for purchase at their distillery in August.

5. A fermented milk cocktail from Kenta Goto

Ever tried the Japanese fermented milk-based soda Calpico? We haven’t, but this creation from Kenta Goto — complete with gin, yuzu marmalade, and a marshmallow — has us intrigued, to say the least.

6. That famous English milk punch, bottled

Two years ago, Faith & Flower’s English Milk Punch took the beverage world by storm: Esquire’s food editor deemed it the cocktail of the year, and that same year, Eater reported that the bar was going through at least 80 quarts of the drink each week. Now, it appears that Mike Lay’s famous concoction will be available in limited edition bottles via Baldoria LA. West coast friends, start your engines.

7. Get your Phyll

Blogger Ashley Rose Conway — who, earlier this year, brought us the Negroni Float — shared this snap from Oakland, CA’s Hopscotch, where a drink called the Emerald City integrates chlorophyll with lemongrass gin and Dolin Blanc.

8. Corn, limoncello & a feathered drinking buddy

We can’t all have charming drinking companions with perfect hair, but this blogger has found a way. The delightfully self-explanatory Drinking With Chickens blog features feathered friends alongside great drinks — like this concoction, made with sweet summer corn juice and limoncello.

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