From Drinks Made from Legal Opiates to Banana Peels, These 10 Drinks Defy the Impossible

A cocktail next to a banana peel.
In this photo by @the_cocktailguy, we see a cocktail made from banana peel, coconut husk and spoiled milk, among other things. This drink is one of many this week that has us rethinking what we thought we knew.

It can be hard to justify the time we spend on social media. But for the bartender who wants to stay on top of trends and inspired by what's going on behind bars all over the world, Instagram is an invaluable resource. This week we saw a few things that made us question what's possible — there were drinks made with what seemed like waste, cocktails that seemed too illicit to be true and a milk punch that we could see straight through to the other side. Not only that, there were myriad drinks to scare us into the Halloween spirit.

Slow down and enjoy your drink

Opium lettuce in a cocktail? Leave it to the ever-inventive team at White Lyan to throw a legal, but still potent sedative into a drink, ever so casually. The drinks come with a warning that no more than one can be consumed per customer. Proceed with caution.

They’ve made it perfectly clear...

A perfectly clarified milk punch is no easy feat, but this rendition from MACE in New York leaves us wondering how they achieved the seemingly impossible.

Rocco the Pug ventures over to the dark side

Our favorite #pugtender is at it again, this time sporting a costume from the dark side. Rocco the Pug is taking over the galaxy with his classic Dark and Stormy.

The classic scary setup

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I scare too easily for haunted houses and horror movies, so this creepy cocktail is about as spooky as my Halloween is going to get. 🎃👻☠️😈😳 The Dark And Stormy Night 2 oz @starrrum infused with cinnamon by @ethanashebrand .75 oz homemade plum syrup .75 oz strained lime juice Fill to brim with @crabbiesuk ginger beer Pinot Noir float Garnish with a @luxardousa cherry . . . . . _____________________________________________ #cocktail #cocktails #cocktailporn #cocktailtime #alkemista #Kickstarter #glassware #dryice #halloween #halloweencocktails #glassware #drinkporn #mixology #craftcocktail #instagood #instadaily #barware #imbibe #rum #feedfeedcocktails #esquire

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Speaking of a Dark and Stormy, this classic cocktail is a good place to start when building Halloween cocktails for obvious reasons. Cocktail blogger Hannah Chamberlain’s take, The Dark and Stormy Night, adds the next level of fright to an already eerily themed cocktail.

There’s a Cereal Killer on the loose

At the height of the scaring season, the Cereal Killer is perfectly thematic — both frightening and sugar laden. And as a general rule, we’re pretty sold on the idea of cocktails garnished with snacks like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Cocktails to please an Evil Queen

Looking to build a sinister cocktail for this year’s All Hallows’ Eve? Channel your inner Evil Queen and serve up the deceptively beautiful Poisoned Apple.

Coping with the cold

A wintry chill has already set into places like Amsterdam, Holland. And at Mr. Porter, they’re serving up just the thing to overcome it. Behold the Swedish Old Fashioned, a cure for cold weather blues.

In your head — zombie, zombie

This Cachaça Zombie cocktail isn’t just in your head, its flaming majesty can be found at New York’s Mother of Pearl. Between the creepy tiki glassware and the open flames, this drinks is equal parts terrifying and dazzling.

Why waste?

The question posed by “Cocktail Guy” Rich Woods is an important one — why throw away what could be repurposed? In this case, he features a cocktail from London’s Duck & Waffle, which uses a banana peel cordial, coconut husk and sour milk. Coming from the bartender who thought to freeze old avocado pits as repurposed ice cubes, we're not surprised.

The bar-ready breed of jack-o'-lantern

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A pumpkin may not be a regular staple in your bar's produce selection, but it's not unlikely that there's a pineapple in reach, just waiting to become haunted Halloween decor. Hollow it out, make a tropical drink and then carve out a classic creepy, illuminated smile. Why didn't we think of this sooner?

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