From Color-Changing Cocktails to Banksy Foam Art, Our 8 Drinks of the Week

Blue and purple cocktails side by side
Canon Seattle shows off their magical, mind-bending drink that changes from bright blue to purple. Photo via Canon Seattle on Instagram.

Last week, we were awestruck by a glowing presentation from the Artesian, a cotton candy garnish bigger than a basketball, and something called a Negroni Float. This week’s picks run the gamut from gorgeous garnishes to a whimsical upgrade of a college party staple.

1. A feather in your [night]cap

First impressions are everything, and the best bartenders know that visual components of a drink are often just as impactful and memorable as taste and aroma — which is why an unforgettable garnish can take a cocktail to the next level. We’re loving the jaunty flair of this peacock feather-adorned cocktail from London's The Botanist in honor of the Chelsea Flower Show.

2. From street art to foam art

If the recent influx of awe-inspiring foam art is any indication, craft bartenders seem to be taking a page from the barista handbook when it comes to presentation: from the Artesian HK’s reinterpretations of art history masterworks to this more modern shout-out to mysterious street art mastermind Banksy, we’re loving this sliver of the Venn diagram where art and drink collide.

3. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a cocktail garnish!

We get so wrapped up in the most granular, nerdy aspects of cocktail crafting that, sometimes, it’s easy to forget the beauty that can be found in simplicity, and maybe a little bit of humor. Over-the-top presentations and complex garnishes have their own time and place, but this whimsical little cucumber plane perched atop a rhubarb daiquiri just puts a smile on our face — and we’d bet we’re not the only ones.

4. Jello shots grow up (sort of)

Modern mixology has given updated spins to everything from pre-Prohibition classics to once-abhorred dive bar staples. So, it’s no surprise that perhaps the most lowbrow of all drinks — the Jello Shot — has gotten the craft treatment, too.

5. A sky-high Bloody Mary

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Let's face it: drinking on an airplane is usually a means to an end. When you order a Bloody Mary while flying the friendly skies, you usually aren't looking for top-shelf action. You're looking for something to help you get through your flight, or perhaps you are looking to lube up the old drinking engine before you land for a weekend of debauchery in Vegas. Those are the facts. But it doesn't mean you can't drink something a little higher quality while flying. Meet the newest addition to our selection of W&P Design "Carry-On Cocktail" Kits: The Bloody Mary Kit. ($24) - Kit Components: -Carry On Tin - (3.125" x 4.25" x 1") -Recipe Card -Bloody Mary Mix -Mini-Pickles -Rimming Salt -Bar Spoon -Linen Coaster Just add an airplane bottle (or two) of vodka and you're good to go! TSA approved and even fits easily in your pocket. Cheers.

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If you’ve followed the Mile High Cocktail Club, you know about the friendly competition among bartenders to board their planes with everything from retractable bar spoons to actual whole eggs in order to whip up cocktails on flights. And we can’t say the idea of a good Bloody Mary aboard a flight doesn’t sound appealing. But, if you’re not quite ready to explain an anonymous, unmarked Ziploc bag of rim salt to the TSA, perhaps this latest edition from W&P’s beloved Airplane Cocktail Kits will help: the Bloody Mary kit comes part and parcel with seasoned salt, tomato-based mixer, and even a tiny pack of pickles. Just don’t forget the booze itself.

6. A throwback frozen treat

It’s no secret that adults love to indulge our inner children with boozed-up versions of frozen childhood treats, from gin and tonic ice cream to whale-shaped Peychaud’s pops. But Chicago's Expat bar has thrown it back to arguably one of the simplest but most satisfying of summertime delicacies: the plastic-wrapped push-pop. With booze, of course: gin with cucumber and ginger; tequila with grapefruit and lime; rum with pineapple and coconut. Now all you need is a run through the sprinklers.

7. Seeing the world through lilac-tinted glasses

We never cease to feel inspired by how Bittered Sling, the small-batch Vancouver bitters company, finds ways to incorporate all things seasonal into their one-of-a-kind recipes (exhibit A, this new cachaca and Lillet build made with rose petal preserves). Pictured here, lilac liqueur — yet another unexpected way to scoop up the season's floral bounty in a drink-friendly format.

8. Taste the rainbow

Remember hypercolor t-shirts? Butterfly pea flower essentially lends the same effect (read: magic) to cocktails. The all-natural extract, shown off here at Seattle's Canon, changes the color of a drink from bright azure-blue to shades of purple and pink with just a squeeze of citrus (and without any sketchy artificial food coloring). These two drinks presented side-by-side are actually a before-and-after, believe it or not.

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