9 Awesome, Inspiring, Creative Things We Spotted on Instagram This Week

Cocktails served in tulip-shaped glasses
Leo Lottier's Capsi Bloom flight is just one of the many drinks that delighted us this week.

If you haven’t yet explored the cocktail community through the lens of Instagram, you may want to pour yourself a drink, set aside an hour, and prepare to fall head-first into the rabbit hole. Tens of thousands of bartenders around the world use the medium for sharing recipes, showing their works-in-progress and swapping creative ideas. In short, there’s no end to the inspiration that can be found (plus, it’s one of few instances where frittering away an hour on the Internet can actually be considered “productive”. You know, for research.)

Below, just a few very recent examples of our bartending community doing what it does best: sharing inspiration and knowledge to elevate the craft and, in some cases, push it into new territory.

1. Spring in a glass

This spherical glass, made by Czech Republic-based Jakobsen Design and spotted at Auckland, New Zealand’s Bedford Soda and Liquor, strikes a perfect balance between sleekly modern and whimsical (thanks to being stuffed to the brim with what appear to be edible violas). We love its crystal ball-esque vibes, and we’d be willing to bet we’d probably like whatever liquid is being served inside it, too.

2. The citrus peel goes Baroque

Trevor MacMoto, a bartender and consultant working in Costa Mesa, Calif., is no stranger to the art of the garnish: his Instagram is a mosaic of rose-shaped citrus peels, avocado fans and pineapples sculpted as skulls. But the level of exacting detail in the lace-like orange filigree that encircles his “You Can Call Me Al” cocktail is pretty astonishing.

3. And a pisco sour gets goth

Squid ink in a pisco sour? Sure, why not? This opaque black sour from a bartender working in a Maldives resort gives the classic Peruvian drink a dramatic twist (especially when topped with luxe gold leaf).

4. The most beautifully clear ice

We never get tired of seeing beautiful, crystal-clear ice, cut by hand. Here, Charleston blogger Holy City Handcraft shows off his handiwork.

5. A cotton candy-topped cocktail

The stunning combination of a raspberry-hued cocktail topped with spun candy floss comes from Beirut-based Martin Kovar, who consults with the Mixology Art team.

6. Dreams of bathing in gin come to life

For many a gin fanatic, bathing in gin is the stuff of dreams. Hong Kong’s lauded mixologist Antonio Lai made this dream a miniature reality with the "KGB cocktail," a Kyoho grapes martini in a tiny tub of bubbles made of gin and fruit juices. In proper bath-time fashion, it's served alongside your own rubber duckie.

7. A freshly plucked flight

We're loving this spring-worthy presentation of drinks by bartender Leo Lottier of Dubai's W Hotel. He created the Capsi Bloom Flight arrangement for the Diageo World Class UAE Finals, and the bouquet includes a riff on the breakfast martini, dirty martini and sangrita — each with ingredients from red, green or yellow bell peppers, also known as capsicum.

8. Two favorites join as one

Continuing my obsession with Ramos Fizzes, here's a Ramos Aviation Fizz: 2 oz @oneeightd Ivy City gin 1 oz lemon 1 oz cream 3/4 oz @hausalpenz Creme de Violette 1/2 oz orgeat 1 egg white 1 barspoon orange blossom water Soda water Wet shaken with two large ice cubes until they're completely dissolved, then dry shaken for another few minutes. (Filling the bottom of the glass with soda water first, and then straining the drink into the glass, helps give you that merengue-like foam on top.) Floral, gently herbaceous and mildly spicy, and wonderful. It seems like a lot of Creme de Violette, but with all the other stuff going on in a Ramos Fizz, you need a lot for the violet flavor and color to stand out at all. A Ramos Fizz, despite its ostentatious composition and presentation, is a drink of subtlety--a hint of floral, a touch of juniper, a bit of effervescence--so even this much of the liqueur doesn't come across as cloying and it doesn't dominate the drink. I also used orgeat on this, in place of the traditional Maraschino liqueur, because I wanted something creamier but also wanted to keep the almond flavor. It worked out pretty well.

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Torn between an Aviation and a Ramos Gin Fizz? This D.C. based cocktail lover and vintage glassware purveyor has innovated a blend of the two, presented in one of his stunning vintage Collins glasses.

9. A delicious tribute to an icon

Our hearts broke when Prince passed away last week, and the bar world responded with purple drinks in his honor. We can bet this “Raspberry Beret” cocktail, created by Italy’s Hunting & Drink Club, is what heaven’s made of for the Purple One.

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