Philip Duff


A jet-set bartender of the first order, Irishman Philip Duff is one of the cocktail world’s best-loved presenters & trainers, and an in-demand beverage consultant to drinks companies around the world. As well as teaching seminars, appearing on TV and in publications as diverse as Esquire, Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine (USA), The Huffington Post, Australian Bartender, Imbibe and Mixology, Philip’s firm Liquid Solutions helps drinks brands connect with the world of bars, everywhere.

Philip lived, bartended and managed both nice and dodgy bars in Dublin, London, New York, Grand Cayman, Rotterdam and the Hague before setting up Liquid Solutions Bar & Beverage Consulting in 1999. He soon became one of the mixology world’s very first global ambassadors for cocktails and bars, teaching seminars in up to forty countries a year. Highlights of his career to date have been: being one of the first Western bartenders to report from Japan (2000), creating an ontrade bar-training program that won an award from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (Canada, 2003) organising the world’s first Molecular Mixology seminar (Paris, 2005), opening Europe’s largest bartending school and providing his expertise to an award-winning cocktail-themed

visitor experience in the same building (Amsterdam, 2007), helping create a brand that won Best New Product at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards (New Orleans, 2009) and winning the Spirited Awards Golden Spirit award for World’s Best Presenter (New Orleans 2012) A hilarious and engaging speaker, Philip’s sought-after bartender seminars have been attended by more than 23,491 bartenders in over 119 cities around the globe since 1999 (some of them even stayed until the end), and his webinars on have been viewed over 30,000 times.

Philip’s work for drinks brands clients centers around new product development, copywriting, briefing sales & marketing teams, and creating on-trade training & communications programs. Philip has presented at every single good bar show in the world (plus several terrible ones) and his seminars at the prestigious Tales of the Cocktail conference regularly sell out. He’s personally proud of once giving an all-day seminar for exactly two (2) bartenders in Norway.

After almost a decade of telling bartenders that opening a bar was way too much hard work, in 2008 Philip opened the Netherlands’ first speakeasy cocktail bar, door 74 in Amsterdam. door 74 has twice been nominated as one of the world’s four best cocktail bars (2008 & 2009), won Best Cocktail Bar and (twice) Best Bartender (2009 & 2010) at the Venuez Dutch Bar Awards and is credited with kicking off an entire wave of classic cocktail focussed bars in the Netherlands.

When not writing, talking, drinking or getting in or out of aeroplanes, Philip lives with his family in New York.

US: +1 917 703 3299

EU: +31 6 2605 0897

Twitter: @philipduff