Jacob Briars

Jacob  Briars

Jacob Briars likes to describe himself as New Zealand’s 7th most famous bartender, but usually that just gets people asking where New Zealand is and who the other 6 bartenders are. For the past few years he has travelled the world as a much-loved spirits educator for some of the world’s most respected and exciting spirit brands. Jacob is the head of training and education for Bacardi, the world’d largest family-owned spirits company, where he is lucky enough to work with some incredible drinks and some even more incredible people.

Jacob is an engaging speaker, with a passion for connecting spirits and cocktails to their broader culture and context. He is a mine of (mostly useless) information about cocktails and is almost as funny as he thinks he is. In 2010 he was awarded the ‘Golden Spirit’ award at Tales of the Cocktail for his presentations, and in the distant depths of the past even ran award winning bars and restaurants.

He loves a well made Mojito when the sun is shining, an Aviation when it isn’t, and any hour of the day is a good time for a blue drink.