Fernando Castellon


Fernando CASTELLON is an actor and an expert recognized internationally on the bar scene. He’s an expert as much on bar and cocktails history, as much as vanguard techniques.

At start

He started his carreer as a bartender at “Quo Vadis” in London in 1994, then worked in places such as “Maxim’s” in Brussels, and gastronomic restaurant “Léon de Lyon” in Lyons.

In 1999, he joined the LVMH group to work as a brand ambassador for one of the company, and travelled in more than 25 countries to study drinking habits and train bartenders.

In 2002, he has choosen the french gastronomic capital to establish BAR EXPERTISE, his independent training center, perfectly equiped to be technic and pedagogic.

History enthusiast

He was the first to discover the new origins of many classic cocktails such as the DRY MARTINI, the SIDE-CAR and the BLOODY MARY. He already published a complete cocktail timeline in 2004, in his own book LAROUSSE COCKTAILS (translated in 7 languages).

He’s also wrote the GRAND LIVRE DU BAR ET DES COCKTAILS in 2006, classifying for the first time, cocktail recipes by main flavors, to suit a cocktail wheel specially created for the book.

Active to promote the values of the art of mixing. He published in 2002, a facsimile of an early cocktail book published initially in 1887, by Jerry Thomas, author of the first cocktail book in 1862. This trend of reprints is now international.

A research state of mind

The bar is an industry where the informations are mainly kept on the trade. That’s why it’s essential to examine ideas to find the right answer, as much about the techniques, as much on the historical side. To be able to build good fondations to the next generations.

Continuously investigating,he as been able to bring a real technical transfer from molecular gastronomie to the bar, starting in 2005. A trend confirmed internationally today.

Fernando CASTELLON is an expert defending values of the bartender profession, with a true vision and philosophy.