Ewan Morgan


Ewan was born in Scotland into the whisky industry with both his Father and Grandfather working their entire careers in the business before retiring as distillery manager and Brewer respectively. Ewan is a third generation ‘whisky man’ born in Dufftown officially referred to as ‘The Whisky Capital of the World’. More whisky is produced in Dufftown than any other town in not just Scotland but the World.

Ewan spent his childhood living within the grounds of a large distillery in Speyside. When he left school he then, inevitably, begun working there as a Maltman himself learning the craft passed down from generation to generation. Upon leaving the distillery Ewan lived abroad for a few years before returning to the whisky business; as his father put it ‘back in whisky ..where he belongs’.

Ewan was quickly chosen to become a whisky ambassador due to his in-depth working knowledge of the industry as well as his extreme, unrelenting passion for whisky and he has traveled the World giving presentations and tastings to an audience of many thousands from Japan to the Arctic Circle. If you asked Ewan what he loves most about his job he’d tell you ‘There’s no other job like it, you get to travel, meet interesting people and have the opportunity to educate and enthuse people about something that’s very close to your heart and that makes me a very lucky person indeed!’

Nominated for Scotch Whisky Ambassador of the year 2012 by Whisky Magazine’s ‘Icon’s of whisky’.
Diageo ‘Masters of Whisk(e)y nominated for Scotch Whisky Ambassadors of the year 2013

Bartender/Mixologist/Educator ‘in-residence’ at Diageo House Washington D.C

One of only 14 Masters of Whisky in the World.

Over 20 years of drinks industry experience.