Eryn Reece


Though she’s worked in the restaurant industry since she was 16, Eryn’s love of cocktails didn’t first truly blossom until she found herself working at a Seattle favorite, Mona’s Bistro & Lounge. In 2007, looking for a change, she made the move to NYC. Now residing in Manhattan, she has begun to work her way up the ranks. At Bar Milano, the concept of cocktails was blown wide open while training under Tony Abou-Ganim. Since then, she’s had the opportunity to work in some of the best places in the city, including Rye House and Louis 649. You’ll currently find her behind the bar at Death & Co and Mayahuel. Eryn is excited to raise awareness for female bartenders, and is a founding member and secretary of LUPEC NYC. As well as working behind the bar she recently joined the team of Back Bar Project. She has been featured in numerous publications, incl uding Imbibe, New York Times, Millennium, and Maxim, and she recently won the Speed-Rack Nationals. She’s completed the BAR 5 day program and is currently working on her BAR Masters.