Federico Cuco

Frederico cuco B&W

Born 40 years ago in a very eclectic part of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´m a son and grandson of bartendersand have a vast interest in antique bar tools and dusty old books on bartending and spirits.  My dream: to open a small museum dedicated to the Latin American influence on cocktails. At the age of 14 I started as a bar back in a nightclub. It was during the late 90’s, that I found myself dragging others to seminars and conventions, wanting to know everything there is to know about cocktails, alcohol, recipes, bartenders, specially interested in their history and their influences. I´ve been writing a blog: elkankuko.blogspot.com, for the last 6 years, about cocktails and drinking culture. I started with Martín Auzmendi, and other friends the “Salvemos al Clarito”  campaign, inspired in Save the Sazerac. Every september, for the last 4 years, we promote an argentine cocktail, its history and background. Lately I´ve been organizing special cocktail-evenings for Jack Daniels and Cynar, and I´m working on a book of cocktails with the Italian artichoke aperitif. I´m also
working on  workshops about aperitif culture in Italy and Argentina, with Carlo Contini. Coming to New Orleans and visiting Chris McMillian in his bar is in my bucket list.