Professional Series: How to Get Your City, Bar, Recipe or Bartender More Coverage


I went to my first seminar today, How to Get Your City, Bar, Recipe or Bartender More Coverage, which was moderated by our very own Lauren Clark of!  Our panelists were Jenny Adams, Jennifer Baum, and Jeffrey Lindenmuth.Since this post is going to be a quickie (why, oh why, do there have to be so many incredible events?) I’ll post some of the best information I took away from the class:

  1. Develop relationships with local press. Invite them to your bar regularly. Show them what you’ve been working on.
  2. Develop relationships with freelance writers. Communicate story ideas to them that are well thought-out and relevant to the sorts of markets they write for.
  3. Reach out to spirit (or other) companies and let them know what you’ve been doing with their products.
  4. When pitching stories about trends, sometimes it pays to include the competition in order to illustrate the trend.
  5. When pitching ideas to magazines or freelance magazine writers, remember that they are often three months or more ahead of schedule. Nobody in magazine publishing is writing about Christmas in November.