Keeping Ahead in an Online World

Paul Clarke is a Seattle-based writer specializing in spirits and cocktails. He publishes The Cocktail Chronicles.

Whether you’re a booze blogger, a bartender or bar owner, or a PR associate for a firm representing a liquor brand or two, you should think about attending  “Keeping Ahead in an Online World,” a Tales session designed to help decipher the ways online tools such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook can be used to promote your profile as a bartender, your talents as a blogger, and the merits of individual brands and bars. Paul Clarke is moderating, and he’ll be joined by Lindsey Johnson from Lush Life Productions. Lindsey and her team have been among the most visible presences (both online and in real life) in the drinks world over the past couple of years, and there’s nobody more talented at creating and building an online audience for bars and brands.

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