Get Hands On With New Series of Seminars at Tales of the Cocktail® 2012


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Get Hands On With New Series of Seminars at Tales of the Cocktail® 2012

Five new hands on seminars will allow cocktail lovers to be a part of the action at
this summer’s 10th Anniversary Tales of the Cocktail®.

NEW ORLEANS, LA – April 13, 2012 – For the past nine years, Tales of the Cocktail® has established itself as the world’s premier cocktail festival, bringing together the most respected minds on mixology for five days of cocktails, cuisine and culture. As part of this summer’s historic 10th Anniversary celebration, Tales of the Cocktail® presents five interactive seminars where attendees can take in active role in their cocktail education. Held throughout the first two days of Tales of the Cocktail® 2012, these seminars will cover a variety of topics from handmade bitters to the role of teas in cocktails. All of these new experiences will be held at the New Orleans School of Cooking in the French Quarter.

Tea Totalers – From Plant to Cocktail
Thursday, July 26
11am – 12:30pm

This hands-on class, sponsored by Pernod Ricard USA, will allow attendees will brew and taste every major category of tea as they learn about the history, harvesting, and production of teas from Rodrick J. Markus, the Master Blender of Rare Tea Cellar. Chris Patino of Pernod Ricard and Don Lee of Cocktail Kingdom will then discuss and demo different methods of extracting tea and applying it to cocktails.

Bittercube Hands on Hands Made Bitters Lab
Wednesday, July 25
11am – 12:30pm & 1pm – 3:30pm

At this seminar sponsored by Bittercube Bitters, Bombay Sapphire and Terra Spice Company, attendees will be walked through the process of creating bitters, utilizing and discussing over 140 different botanicals sourced from around the world by Terra Spice Company. The experience will include a chance to smell and taste these exotic herbs, spices, barks, roots and flowers, and everyone will receive a bottle of bitters in the mail after the batches are complete. In addition to formulating a batch of bitters, attendees will have the chance to taste Bombay Sapphire East & Tonic using a proprietary Bittercube Tonic recipe that utilizes a number of the same botanicals used to craft the bitters.
A Forager’s Pharmacy
Wednesday, July 25
4pm – 5:30pm

Often times, bartenders and culinary professionals look to the calendar as a guideline for seasonal bounty. But when will jams and jellies throw in the towel, explaining to the world that you don’t always need sugar or acid in order to preserve character? In “A Forager’s Pharmacy,” preservation specialists Lauren Mote, Danielle Tatarin, David Wolowidnyk and Chef Jonathan Chovancek show you how to develop your arsenal of truly unique ingredients, using wild flowers, plants, spices and fruits that carry a longer shelf life than you think.

Making Your Own Vermouth
Thursday, July 26
1:30pm – 3pm

Making Your Own Vermouth sponsored by Plymouth Gin will give each participant a chance to see and touch every ingredient used in vermouth as well as taste side by side commercial and artisan vermouths in cocktails. Led by experts Jackson Cannon, Kevin Martin, Nicole Lebedevitch and Bob McCoyon, attendees will receive a starter pack with recipe booklet, herb/spice packet and small bottle of the finished product.

Salt and Bubbles
Thursday, July 26
4pm – 5:30pm

Led by Andrew Nicholls and Darcy O’Neil, Salt and Bubbles will explore how early pharmacists can provide great insight for the modern bartender. Attendees will learn the steps required to create a perfect soda fountain drink. At each step a thorough explanation of the science behind the components will be given as well as opportunities for hands-on soda development.

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About Tales of the Cocktail®
Tales of the Cocktail® is the world’s premier cocktail festival, bringing together the most respected minds on mixology for five days of cocktails, cuisine and culture. Held annually in New Orleans, this international event has something for cocktail professionals and enthusiasts alike with a spirited schedule of seminars, dinners, competitions and tasting rooms where brands showcase their latest products. Tales of the Cocktail® returns in 2012 for a historic milestone—its 10th Anniversary of rocking the cocktail world. Join the celebration July 25-29, 2012 and see how Tales of the Cocktail® only gets better with age.

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The New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society (NOCCPS) is a non-profit organization committed to preserving the unique culture of cocktails and cuisine in New Orleans and beyond. Since it’s founding in 2006 the NOCCPS has supported members of the hospitality industry through programs like the new Apprentice Aid Fund, providing financial assistance to former apprentices in times of medical need, the Cocktail Apprentice Scholarship Program and the Flo Woodward Memorial Scholarship as well as the production of events like Tales of the Cocktail®.

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