Water World: Water in Spirits and Drinks

Thursday, January 1st

12:00am - 12:00amSeminars

Water makes up 60 percent of most every spirit, 100 percent of every ice cube, and the vast majority of every syrup, juice and soda, so it’s about time we gave good old H2O the attention that it deserves. Every spirit brand brags about their pure water collected from a mountain stream, limestone cave, or arctic iceberg, but distillation is the process of removing this water, then nearly all spirits are diluted to bottle proof with purified tap water. Does the water source even matter? (Short answer: Yes, very much, but not in the way you’d expect.) We’ll look at some of the fascinating ways water is used to make spirits, then turn our attention to drinking them. We’ll examine why diluting a spirit with water enhances rather than dilutes its aroma, and answer the question: Should you add water to your whisky or whisky to your water? We’ll also study bottled mineral and soda waters- how we classify them, what’s in them, and how you can make your own mineral water from scratch using household products and a soda maker. We’ll also see how this water reacts with spirits: not only do different carbonation levels change the mouthfeel of drinks, different minerals in water bring out different flavors in whisky. (It turns out there is something to the “bourbon and branch” concept after all.) Of course we’ll talk about ice too, because that’s what we do. There will be generous portions of Bowmore scotch whisky served to help wash down all that delicious water, don’t you worry.  We won’t let you to leave thirsty.