The Savoy’s Green Fairy Secrets Revealed

Thursday, July 18th

8:30pm - 10:00pmSeminars

The 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book is a classic; Harry Craddock’s role in keeping old cocktails alive and creating new ones is undisputed. Less well-known is his role in keeping absinthe alive: written 15 years or more after its near-global ban, his book contains 105 absinthe cocktails. Where did the Savoy get its absinthe? Why (and how) so many absinthe cocktails? How was absinthe viewed in a country which never banned it? In a country where it was almost viewed as “a normal drink,” while it was virtually dying elsewhere. Alan Moss, author of the Real Absinthe Blog and La Clandestine absinthe co-owner/ambassador, will answer those questions and many more.

The Savoy’s American Bar has led the world of cocktails for many years, with the highest standards of cocktail making and service. We will see how those traditions are maintained and adapted, using a selection of Craddock’s absinthe cocktails. These will be seen through the eyes of two great bartenders: Erik Lorincz from the Savoy and World Class Bartender of the year 2010, and Ricky Gomez, originally from New Orleans (where he worked at Cure), and now Diageo World Class U.S. Ambassador.

Absinthe is back, but remains widely misunderstood. Bars like the American Bar have played and still play a key part in revealing what absinthe is – and what it isn’t. Great bartenders are key to developing the category through the work they do to foster and adapt tradition. This has a relevance beyond absinthe, so their secrets and those of the Savoy are highly relevant to all today’s bartenders.