Tangled Up in Blue

Thursday, January 1st

12:00am - 12:00amSeminars

The cocktail renaissance has brought many once-obscure spirits back to the forefront of bartenders minds. But overlooked in this rush to recreate Washington’s rye and Hogarth’s gin has been the role that liqueurs have played in the emergence of the Cocktail. From the birth of the Cocktail in1790s England, to its near-death in 1980s California, the liqueur has made bad booze drinkable and made good booze blue. But how are liqueurs made, and how has their evolution shaped the cocktails of past and present? How does colour affect the perception of taste and aroma of a cocktail? How do you make your own liqueurs, and should you bother? And in case that sounds too serious, discover whether blue drinks really do taste better, as we bring a disco twist to several sacred classics. Join Jacob Briars, Sebastian Reaburn and the inimtable Philip Duff, and let us take you in to the sweet blue yonder.