Stepping Out From Behind The Bar

Thursday, January 1st

12:00am - 12:00amSeminars

“Bartenders”, proclaimed the Doug Coughlin character in Cocktail, “are the aristocrats of the working classes”. So how do you get to that house on the hill ? Liquor ambassadorship is a logical next step for a bartender – but what’s the next career step after that?

Join liquor marketeer Audrey Fort (who’s never worked a day behind a bar in her life), Paolo Domeneghetti (former king of the Miami South Beach nightlife scene who created a nationwide import and wholesale spirits company), gaz regan (dropout from Courtfield Catering College who and hasn’t done an honest day’s work since quitting bartending two decades ago, apart from his new gig at the Dead Rabbit, of course) and Darcy O’Neil (chemist, cocktailian researcher and author of the world’s most-read cocktail blog) for a fun, but serious, examination of the spirits business – what it is, where the good jobs are, what the good jobs are, how to get them and how to keep moving onwards and upwards, job after job.