The Old Fashioned: The Classic Cocktail

Saturday, July 19th

10:00am - 11:30amRiverview Room, Hotel MonteleoneSeminars & Technique Seminar

The Old Fashioned: The World’s First Classic Cocktail

Before the Martini, before the Manhattan, there was the Old Fashioned. The ur-cocktail, answering to the oldest known description of what a cocktail is—spirit, water, sugar, bitters—it began life as the Whiskey Cocktail in the early 1800s and, through a dramatically twisting history of permutations, interpretations and rebirths emerged as the reclaimed classic and darling of the cocktail movement we know today. Robert Simonson, cocktail journalist for the New York Times and author of the upcoming “The Old Fashioneds” (Ten Speed Press), will lead you through this drink’s wonderful, largely untold history and teach you how to make a standard-bearer version of the drink, as well as a few modern variations.


Riverview Room, Hotel Monteleone

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  • Robert Simonson

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