Indie Spirits That Rock, Volume 3

Friday, July 18th

11:00am - 1:00pmFleur de Lis Room, Royal SonestaTasting Rooms

A walk around tasting featuring an eclectic collection of small spirits entrepreneurs including distillers, importers and private label bottlers. Join them as they share their spirits and and their passion for the spirits business. Tastes wonderful spirits and mixers from around the country and the world and meet the people who are driven to succeed against all odds in this highly competitive business.

Musical backdrop provided by our man from Boston, Brother Cleve. Musician/bartender BC will present music for the spirits of independents — indie music to drink indie spirits by, informed and inspired by their styles, flavors and homelands.

Brands Include:

St. George Spirits
Redemption Rye
Orange V Vodka
Philadelphia Distilling
Compass Box
Cornstar White Whiskey
New Holland Spirits
Novo Fogo Cachaca
Regatta Ginger Beer



Fleur de Lis Room, Royal Sonesta

Participating Personalities


  • Brother Cleve

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