Grape’s Great Leap Toward Immortality

Thursday, January 1st

12:00am - 12:00amSeminars

Grape and grain are two most important raw ingredients used to make spirits. Here in the U.S., we spirits folks talk too much about the grain and too little about the grape. But grape-based spirits may be the most underrated and underutilized cocktail ingredient in the bar. Grapes makes everything taste better! Still, so many consumers are hard-pressed to answer the simple question, ‘What is brandy?’ let alone understand the differences between Cognac or Armagnac or unaged brandies. With so many new brand developments centered around grape-based spirits — premium pisco, single-varietal grappas, and even gins and vodkas distilled from the fruit of the vine — there’s never been a better time for a serious discussion about the role of the grape in producing spirits.