Blending Flavors and Blurring the Line

Thursday, January 1st

12:00am - 12:00amSpirited Dinner® Series

Maurepas Foods
Presented by High West Distillery
Chef- Michael Doyle
Bar Chef- Brad Smith


Blending Flavors and Blurring the Line

Maurepas Foods will be adopting the High West ideal of blending premium whiskey by creating food and cocktails that blend common ingredients. High West product will be featured in both the food and the drinks with an emphasis on common flavors within each course. High West product, local meats and seafood, and locally sourced produce will be pervasive throughout the entire evening. With the likes of barman Brad Smith and chef Michael Doyle creating truly magical pairings, this dinner is not to be missed. Come enjoy the way we “blur the line” between the kitchen and the bar with a dinner only Maurepas Foods could create


Pork terrine, lamb and fig rillette, barrel aged cocktail mustard, blue plum gastrique

Tomatoes, sweet pepper, chile, port syrup, Gran Classico vinaigrette

Whole gulf fish, orgeat butter, tea smoke

Grilled pork shoulder, oleo saccahrum cured shrimp, cantaloupe, cucumber, stone fruit shrub

Grilled peach, lavender salt, balsamic

Paired With

7000′ Peach vodka, Orgeat, Citric-herbal ice, Lavender salt

OMG Silver rye whiskey, Stone fruit shrub, Blue plum eau de vie, Shiso oil

Campfire whiskey, Cantaloupe, Honey, Balsamic vinegar

Rendezvous rye whiskey, Port wine, Fresh fig, Walnut liqueur, (Barrel aged)

American prairie reserve bourbon, Gran Classico bitter, Oleo saccahrum, Tea smoke