A Night on the Bayou!

Friday, July 19th

1:00am - 4:00amSpirited Dinner® Series

Grand Isle Restaurant
Presented by Bayou Rum
Chef- Mark Falgoust
Bar Chefs- Eric Dahm and Ava Kopieczek


A Night on the Bayou!

Come taste the spirit of Louisiana with the global launch of Bayou Rum through an evening steeped in authentic heritage & fun at the critically acclaimed Grand Isle restaurant.

From the culture to the cuisine, to the way people celebrate, Bayou Rum is about living life to the fullest and having fun along the way. Our spirited launch dinner features live entertainment, Chef Mark Falgoust’s inspired Cajun & Creole dishes, cocktails by Grand Isle’s own talented Head Bar Chef Eric Dahm and Ava Kopieczek.

You’ll experience Bayou Rum made from raw unrefined Louisiana sugar and fresh Louisiana molasses distilled down the road in Lacassine. After two years in the making, Silver Bayou Rum and Spiced Bayou Rum will be served up and in cocktails paired for the evening’s special menu.

Bayou Rum’s Head Distiller Jeff Murphy & Master Blender Reiniel Vicente will both be on hand to share Bayou Rum’s traditional production methods. You’ll also touch, taste, and see the finest raw materials available, and swap rum stories with Billy Patout from M.A. Patout & Sons – the oldest continuously operating sugar mill in the USA since 1829.

Each guest will receive an official TOTC commemorative signed bottle of Bayou Rum and other memorable collectibles.


A skewer of fresh tuna with a Bayou Rum glaze

Scallop crudo with watermelon, mint and peppers

Sugar cane smoked duck breast with cayenne peppers

Bayou Rum and coke pork belly with local legumes

Pineapple Bayou Rum upside down cake

Paired with

Mango butter fat washed Silver Bayou Rum with cane syrup, habanero shrub and Herbsaint.

Paired with Silvery Bayou Rum and carbonated watermelon water with a salted rim.

Spiced Bayou Rum with Amaro/Vermouth, clarified pineapple juice and bitters. Aged for 60 days.

Paired with Spiced Bayou Rum, root liqueur, a caramelized cane reduction with Kola nut, soda and lime.

Silver Bayou Rum milk punch, with milk rice reduction, Orgeat, file dusting and Mozart cocoa bitters.