A Cook Walks Into a Bar

Thursday, January 1st

12:00am - 12:00amSeminars

…And says, “You are doing it wrong.”

Culinary Cocktails are well explored; everything edible is also drinkable. But what techniques does a cook have to teach a bartender? Mise en place aside, the average line cook learned a lot of techniques about balancing flavor, knife technique and kitchen skills that a 10 year veteran bartender is still catching up on. To a bartender a grapefruit may be just a grapefruit but a chef understands the seasons for oro blancos, ruby reds, white grapefruits and pummelos, can’t bartenders learn produce better? Explore different types of acidity, how different liqueurs offer different sweetness, how produce changes throughout the growing season and the difference between flavor & aroma. How does salt balance bitter? And how could coffee add sweetness? We’ll teach the bartender to master the fresh sheet, the meat slicer & the blender. If a bartender can stir a drink with silent delicacy then certainly ninja like knife skills are the next step. We’ll open up the chef’s toolbox and borrow all of the good stuff.