The 7 Habits of the World’s Best Bars

Friday, July 18th

3:00pm - 4:30pmQueen Anne Ballroom, Hotel MonteleoneSeminars

In a world where great cocktails are a given, how do the truly great bars stand out from the crowd? What are the characteristics common to the world’s best bars, and what lessons can we learn from them? In a globalized world, where ideas spread like wildfire, how does a great bar stay ahead and keep improving? What design elements are common to the best bars in the world (hint: it’s not the toilets) and how would top bartenders design their spaces differently, given a chance? What are the secrets of recruiting and training the world’s best bar team, writing the most effective menus and promoting your work in the most effective way? And the biggest challenge of all, how do the best bars avoid resting on their laurels?

Although each of the best bars in the world is unique in its own way, all share similar values about how to create a unique experience for guests, how to create a great bar team (and keep them) and how to stay in business and on top of their game.

Join Jacob Briars, who has sat in front of the best bars, and Jim Meehan who has stood behind them, as they share secrets from their own bars and the best bars around the world, in a seminar no aspiring bartender, manager or owner should miss.


Queen Anne Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone

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Jacob  Briars
  • Jacob Briars


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